Buried And Forgotten


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Intro 01:01
B.S.A. 03:36
B. S. A. Hi, nice to meet you Your buttocks provokes me Your smile captivates me And your ass falls in love with me I want to tell you a story And teach you the ritual The obscene ritual Brutal sex anal Tonight you will feel me In my maximum expression My energy, my passion Concupiscence In fragments my soul I give you my love Your body my obssesion Possessed by Death Metal I want to tell you a story And teach you the ritual The obscene ritual Brutal sex anal ¡Brutal sex anal! I want to tell you a story And teach you the ritual The obscene ritual Brutal sex anal.
ARMY OF THE DEAD A strange virus A strange virus in the air It's spreading And infecting all the place. Reaches cemeteries Hospitals and morgues And reanimates the bodies Hungry for guts. Nightmare visions Nightmare visions everywhere All the corpses Have arisen from their graves. Hear the people scream Watch them on the run The zombies are feasting While the city burns. Eating the skin and drinking the blood Horrific and unreal orgy of gore There's nowhere to hide, there is no escape Now that is coming the army of the dead.
BURIED AND FORGOTTEN In your grave Nothing left Only flesh Only death. Now the worms Fuck your corpse Infest your brain Eat your guts. The soul leaves the body It can rest in peace Meanwhile in your coffin Bones and rotten meat. Your beauty face now deformed Delicious feast for the worms Buried beneath mud and slime You'll be forgotten with time Chorus: Putrefaction human stench... It's the only thing that left It doesn't matter how you lived... it doesn't matter your believes There is no pride or remorse... when everything turns to dust All your sins and all you fears...all your vanity ends here. Condemned to this horror To this grotesque show You'll be here forever This tomb your new home. Repeat chorus.
BY MASSIVE CONSUMPTION Mentally you're destroyed While your body is consumed A horrible addiction Subjugate your instincts At your eyes everything Seems don't have a solution Narcotics makes you see All is not a disgrace. Falling down more and more Into an endless abyss What you think, you can control Is controlling your being With the damage in your brain It's hard for you to understand That a needle in your veins It's not your problem's end. Syndrome of abstinence Physical dependence Bodily deterioration Caused by massive consumption. Altered vision... euphoric state Sense of power... hallucinate Sweet relief... nothing cares Fill the urge... no more pain. Mentally you're destroyed While your body is consumed A horrible addiction Subjugate your instincts At your eyes everything Seems don't have a solution Narcotics makes you see All is not a disgrace.
IN TIMES OF WAR In times of war All I see is blood All I feel is pain My gun is my law. In times of war You're the enemy There's no right or wrong Only misery. From horror you cannot hide This way I don’t want to die If you believe in a god Beg for this madness to stop. In times of war All I hear is cries All I touch is dead Cruel and real life. In times of war Dread is all I breathe Act with no remorse Kill or getting killed. Chorus Now you know what hate means Face this fear or face defeat One more battle one more fight It's my instinct to survive. In times of war you're the enemy In times of war dread is all I breathe. Repeat chorus (x2).
KILLING BY FORCES OF YOUR MIND Trapped thoughts Damned mental darkness Insatiable desire to kill By forces of your mind A dismayed mind about to die Morbid thoughts feeding your lust I want more meat I want just to kill One upon a night alone in my desolate room Suffocated lament Living dead damned in black I feel it’s coming The new damn possession My mind is black I start to kill feed my perversion my thirst is quenched Feel the power to kill By forces of your mind Die, die now!! Blood, more blood!! (bis)
PROFANE ENTITY Shredding fresh corpses, In their souls there's no stench Their flesh feeding you Nocturnal ghoul Ramble among the bodies Swallowing the fresh remains. Grim profane entity Persistent thoughts Dismembered family Cruel and macabre image. You managed to survive Hidden among the spoils, Slowly swallowing carrion Among your excrement. Justifying the damage Your sick mind collapses Spreading like gangrene Devastating reason. Insane hostile habit Rotten like your feast Very soon they will feed To those who also expect.
POST-APOCALYPTIC TERROR This world slowly turned to ashes By some stupid acts Drowning into a sea of corpses A product of all wars. Radioactive air contamination Mankind barely survive the pollution With the problem of overpopulation They found genocide as a good solution. The big countries now are barren deserts As result of their hungry for power Self-destruction is part of our nature And it comes implicit in your anger. Chorus: Consequence of nuclear warfare Imminent global warming Evidence of human errors Post-apocalyptic terror. Near to extinction Dying race Eradicated With violence. (Repeat Chorus) See the future That awaits man This dystopia Our promised land. (Repeat **)
NECROPHILIAC URGE Now that you're dead It's finally my turn To take apart your head And nail it with my cock. Late in this night I'll enter to your grave To rob your cold body And lick between your legs. This long wait mortifies me I expect with impatience The sour smell of you pussy It’s the cure for my sickness. Necrophiliac urge (x2) Finally comes the hour I can't control my excitement On my way to the graveyard Every step increases my hunger. Necrophiliac urge (x2) Desperately I run... searching for her tomb Suddenly I can see… her mausoleum. Smashing the casket with a sharp rock Now lies before me the defenseless corpse Ripping her clothes with my rusty knife Blood and pus are leaking through the rotting eyes With violence penetrating all the orifices And doing another ones with splinters of the coffin. Her once delicate hands now I amputate One into her anus and the other one for masturbate. Necrophiliac urge (x2)


In October 2019 the third album is released, which is called "Buerid And Forgotten" full album. (10 songs).


released December 1, 2019



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OSSUARY Antioquia, Colombia

Ossuary es una banda de Death Metal formada en el año 2012, en el oriente Antioqueño –(Colombia).
La banda nace impulsada por la pasión hacia el Death metal, con elementos clásicos y tradicionales al estilo norteamericano, pero sin dejar de lado la escena europea. Con liricas enfocadas hacia la muerte, el horror y la lujuria. ... more

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